It’s a journey, not a destination.

Through 20 years of experience working with clients, we’ve learned that every “financial plan” is wrong.  Why?  Because life happens.  Your circumstances today will be different next year.  Unlike most financial advisors who use a one-and-done financial plan as a sales tool, we believe that true financial planning is a never-ending process.  The meaning lies in the ever-evolving collaboration between client and advisor.

Todd Sturman is a financial planner.
Sturman Wealth Advisors provides financial planning.
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We believe it’s not just about money. 
It’s about your life
and how you want to live it.

It begins with a conversation.

We start by sitting with you, armed only with pen and paper, and asking important questions and absorbing your responses. We listen intently so we can gain an understanding of what’s important to you and why. We want to know what you want your money to accomplish and, just as important, what you would like to see not happen.

Once we have a clear understanding of your financial life, we help identify the trade-offs you are willing to make to achieve the life you want to live. What you determine with us is used to develop a wealth plan specifically aligned with your priorities. We want to help you define your unique vision and set a clear blueprint for pursuing it. Our recommendations will be personalized, actionable, and measurable.

This phase is where we turn the corner from planning to doing. Whether your wealth plan calls for significant changes or just a few refinements, we forge ahead with you to implement our recommendations. From investment account transfers to estate planning strategies, our team will handle the details and keep you in the loop along the way.

We monitor and assess your progress. As life happens we meet with you regularly for progress meetings to continue our collaboration and to be sure your plan is adapting the way it should. We’ll present things as a consolidated, simplified, and dynamic view of your financial life.